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Made To Measure


“The heritage and tradition of Saville custom made tailoring is defined by its craftsmanship and its standard of excellence expressing style, elegance and individuality.”


What is Bespoke Made to Measure?

Our experts will embark with you on the journey that is creating your very own, tailor-made bespoke suit at Saville. No detail is surpassed as our team ensure everything from the fabric lining of your suit to the positioning of your jacket pocket is tailored specifically to suit your needs. Your personal specialist will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your suit is tailored to perfection, suiting your every need. Made to Measure at Saville gives you the opportunity to create a tactile expression of your own personality because, after all, each suit should be as unique as the man who wears it!


Stage 1: The Tailored Fitting

The journey begins with your initial fitting consultation. This process involves custom measurement and sizing, whereby our team will carefully detail your measurements, establishing the perfect style, size and fit for you. Even a few millimetres can decipher whether or not a garment of clothing fits well, or fits perfectly. It is not just about making the best even better, is it about giving each made to measure suit an individual shape. Every single millimetre counts at this stage of the journey. The result? A made to measure garment that feels like proverbial second skin. 





Stage 2: The Fabric Selection

We will then exhibit our fabric selection for the exterior of your new custom-made suit. With over 1000 luxurious fabrics to choose from, our specialists will allow you to browse our very own hand-crafted fabric display books, showcasing our variety of patterns, colours and materials from the finest Italian mills. With our expert knowledge and your unique vision, we will help you to choose a fabric that best suits the purpose of your new suit, be it for corporate or leisure usage.





Stage 3: The Finer Details

This stage of your made to measure journey encompasses the inclusion of your individual, distinctive style. Our specialists will guide you through all of the possible options in relation to the overall style of your suit. Our hand-crafted display books will assist you in determining the precise details of your suit, covering everything from the pocket size, type and location, to the closure and lapel style, the waistband length of your trouser, all down to the inclusion of a mobile phone pocket inside your suit jacket. You can even create your own unique button style, or chose to embroider your wedding date on the inside of your jacket.




 Stage 4: Collection of your Bespoke Masterpiece


The final stage in your journey is the collection of your very own, custom made to measure suit. Our team will make arrangements so that you can collect your new bespoke piece the day it arrives in store, just six weeks prior to the initial consultation. Your specialist will meet with you on the day of arrival to ensure the suit not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.




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